The GHAD District boundaries consist of the Master Planned Community known as Silver Creek Valley Country Club.

The Master Planned Community consists of 1,550 acres. This includes the residential area inside the gates of Silver Creek Valley Country Club, open space in some surrounding areas and the Canyon Creek Plaza shopping center.

It is the combination of hills and valleys around Silver Creek and the need to be mindful of geology that inspired the formation of a Geologic Hazard Abatement District. This is Silver Creeks 18th hole next to a man made water fall feature and Sacred Hill.

Although slides are not that common, there have been a few within the District throughout the history of Silver Creek. The District has plenty of sources of water such as a water tank, a golf course, underground piping and natural rain events. When gravity exerts its force on water saturated hillsides, landslides can occur.

GHAD considers water control an important strategic part of the District. The GHAD monitors the hillside slopes of Silver Creek to make sure drainage ditches continue to perform as designed and to look for hillside trouble spots.

Water can eventually find its way to Vee or J ditches that were originally constructed around the District. The ditches need care and attention. They need to be kept clear of silt, sand and vegetative growth in order to function properly.

The GHAD keeps a record of drainage ditches in the District. Concrete cracks negatively affect the ditches ability to properly drain water. Furthermore the cracks could also be a leading indicator of ground movement.

On a yearly basis, the GHAD has aerial photos taken of the entire District in several different formats. This Infrared photo is taken every year in August. The red color indicates moisture content.

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What is the Silver Creek Valley Country Club GHAD?

The Silver Creek Valley Country Club Geologic Hazard Abatement District (the GHAD ) was created for the benefit of the master planned community comprised of the 1,550 home sites inside the gates of Silver Creek Valley Country Club and the commercial center on Silver Creek Valley Road, which totally spans 1550 acres (the Master Planned Community).

The GHAD’s purpose is to monitor the Master Planned Community for geologic hazards. These hazards are defined as landslide, land slippage, soil erosion, earthquake, other movement of the earth or any other geologic concern. The GHAD is empowered to enact quick emergency responses to ground failures or seismic events. The GHAD may perform abatement and repairs for certain damages based on the Trilateral Cooperation Agreement among GHAD, the Silver Creek Valley Country Club Home Owners Association (the HOA) and the Silver Creek Valley Country Club (the Club).