Silver Creek GHAD Territory

Image 1

The District boundaries of the GHAD consist of the Master Planned Community known as Silver Creek Valley Country Club.

Image 2

The Master Planned Community consists of 1,550 acres within the gates of Silver Creek Valley Country Club and the Canyon Creek Plaza shopping center.

Image 3

Silver Creeks ninth hole with San Jose’s Evergreen community shown beyond.

Image 4

The GHAD has a Tri-lateral  Cooperation Agreement with the private Golf Course and the Home Owners Association.

Image 5

Silver Creeks eighteenth hole, a man made water fall feature and Sacred hill.

Image 6

A better view of the eighteen green and the water fall.

Image 7

Silver Creek homes placed on hillside slopes and valleys within the GHAD District.

Image 8

Homes with downslopes off their rear yards and untouched portions of the District beyond.