A Sampling of GHAD’s Photo Records


    The GHAD is mindful of these drainage ditches that exist to control water.


    The ditches need care and attention. They need to be kept clear of silt, sand and vegetative growth in order to function properly.


    Routine inspections by the GHAD and proper maintenance by the HOA of Silver Creek are a benefit to the community.


    When ditches don’t flow properly, they can allow water to seep into the hillsides which could cause problems in the future.


    The GHAD also monitors drainage ditches for cracking. Cracks negatively affect the ditches ability to properly drain water. Furthermore the cracks could also be a leading indicator of ground movement.


    The GHAD keeps a record of all drainage ditches in the District. The record locates relevant cracks and records the sizes, characteristics and photographs.


    Drain inlets are also an important part of the drainage system. They should be kept clear of silt and debris.

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